Cloud Backup powered by Synergy IT

Cloud Backup is a powerful, yet unintrusive backup service to safely backup workstations in your organisation to either a hybrid storage scenario or fully to our SA hosted Cloud.

Backup from any source, to any destination

With support for any kind of physical or virtual system and file & disk imaging, you can backup to any destination, be it in a hybrid local/cloud scenario or fully to our secure SA hosted Cloud.

Simple management

With automatic deployment functionality and an easy to use management console, IT can set & forget and be rest assured all data is always backed up safely.

Military grade security

Apart from our ISO27001 certified SA Cloud, your data will be transferred and stored using high-end military grade encryption (AES-265 bit and 2048-bit SSL).

High speed, without a hit on performance

Bandwidth and disk-write and reading speeds can automatically be throttled during business hours to make sure it has no impact on productivity in any way.

Only transfer what's necessary

Only back up new or changed files, significantly reducing backup time, network usage and storage requirements. And de-duplication makes sure you don’t save the same file twice, saving a ton on storage costs.

Restore without a hitch

Instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Restore files, applications or complete systems to any location, with a few simple clicks.

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