Synergy IT Managed IaaS

Synergy IT Managed Cloud Infrastructure is a complete platform service for your business, offering real-time, always-on cloud environments. Managed by our highly skilled technicians, it’s private, fully ISO27001 accredited and follows ITIL guidelines. And with modular components, we can build exactly the right solution for your business.

We'll set up your environmen

Our in-house architects work with you to design the best environment for your needs. We’ll build an infrastructure that’s right for you, on installation we’ll customise and optimise your systems for maximum operational performance.

We'll discover the solution you need

Our infrastructure engineers consult with you to discover what solution and environments suit your technical and business requirements. Ranging from web & application servers to firewalls and database servers.

The right Service Level for any business

We offer tiered Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that gives you the flexibility to manage some parts of the infrastructure yourself or let everything be managed by Synergy IT, with 24/7 standby support.

Our Managed Service tier




  • 24/7 real-time monitoring & alerting environment
  • Infrastructure and environment management
  • External monitoring suite (additional cost)
  • Managed maintenance (additional cost)
  • All Core elements, plus:
  • Service Reports
  • Cost Effective break/fix (24/7)
  • Service delivery management (pooled)
  • ALL Core and Professional elements, plus:
  • Service delivery management (assigned)
  • Monthly service delivery management call
  • Onsite service review (quarterly)

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